Would you capture it or just let it slip?

A Little About Me

Photography is a habit that I devoted in university. There was no digital, but film, at that age. You were anticipated after taking photos because you did not know what you took before film development. There were no "Preview", "Trial and error" or "Second chance", you needed to think carefully before you made decisions. It is similar to our life, and this is the charm of photography. Like many people, I am using digital now, but the main reason is because digital is convenience for storage and sharing.

I also commit myself to kayaking, the most beautiful part of kayaking is the close relationship with the nature. Different season, different weather, there are just so many mini-factors that might change the environment. That makes you feel never the same even if you are going to the same beach or open water everytime.

If I am not spending time with photography and watersports, I would like to watch movies. Military and Action are my favorite movie type. Not only because of its excitement, but the realistic portrayal of war, they remind me what is the meaning of life.